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An ambitious attempt to bring an original electric car to the Russian market suddenly stalled as Togliatti startup Zetta ran into financial problems. With the company’s demise, the anticipated urban electric car, once touted as a promising addition to the auto market, will never hit the assembly line.

Recent reports from Autobroker Club confirm the closure of the Tolyatti electric vehicle startup Zetta. The company’s assets, including premises and equipment, were liquidated, marking the final cessation of its activities.

Although Zetta’s premises have been repurposed, details about the new owners have not yet been revealed. However, it turned out that these companies are engaged in the assembly of furniture and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), which indicates a departure from the automotive sector (photo: Zetta).

The Zetta electric car, conceived as a compact two-seater three meters long, was in development from 2018 to 2020. Equipped with a single electric motor and a front-wheel drive configuration, the electric car had a range of about 180 kilometers per charge. Despite initial plans to begin small-scale production of the car four years ago, the Zetta’s ambitions were hampered by financial difficulties. It is reported that the total investment in the startup amounted to 570 million rubles, but this, apparently, was not enough.

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