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In Russia there is one iconic model that occupies a special place in the Russian market. We are talking about the UAZ Bukhanka 2024 off-road van, which has remained virtually unchanged since its debut in the 70s of the last century. The vehicle is now available in different body types, namely a flatbed truck, the same modification with an awning, a combined van-truck, a full-fledged van and a glazed compact bus. The model can now be purchased at prices ranging from 1.31 to 1.625 million rubles. Under the hood of the car there is exclusively a 2.7-liter engine with 112 horsepower. The car’s drive can only be all-wheel drive. This is a unique car, which is even included in the list of world heritage objects, and therefore it has no rivals.

UAZ Bukhanka 2024

The UAZ Bukhanka 2024 car in a new body has never been released. This model has common equipment for all body types. Car prices are in an acceptable range. The car has good technical characteristics and an iconic design, which can be appreciated from videos and photos.


The UAZ Bukhanka 2024 model has maintained a remarkably consistent design for more than five decades. The body exudes simplicity: its rounded shape defies modern styling trends, and strong rectangular bumpers frame its edges. The nostalgic touch is unmistakable and even the latest version retains the same iconic body style with subtle changes to the wheel arches. At the front, the car displays the familiar trapezoidal grille with a fine mesh radiator. There are also round optics with halogen lights, and rectangular lights at the back.

This model is nothing more than a “time machine”. In the Bukhanka salon you can travel back several decades. The interior design pays tribute to an era when simplicity was revered. The speedometer is positioned slightly away from the large steering wheel, maintaining the vintage charm that characterizes this model. Paying tribute to its historical roots, UAZ decided to preserve the wires running under the feet of the driver and front passenger. This deliberate preservation of a design element from the past adds an additional touch of nostalgia, demonstrating a commitment to authenticity. Basically, owning a Loaf is like having a time capsule on wheels. This is not just a vehicle, but a journey through the history of the automotive industry, and it is not for nothing that the car was included in the list of world heritage.

Options and prices

Buyers can choose from several configurations, each tailored to their specific needs:

flatbed truck: a classic option for those who prioritize cargo space; flatbed truck with awning (Farmer version): ideal for agricultural needs, providing protection for the transported goods; van with 5- and 7-seater seats: balance between passenger comfort and cargo capacity; the glazed van is equipped with windows for improved visibility; The 9-seater minivan is ideal for traveling in large groups or with families.

There is also an “Expedition” Version, although this modification is now difficult to find in showrooms, it stands out for its unique characteristics and off-road capabilities.

All versions except the Expedition offer standard equipment. All versions are equipped with power steering, front and rear fog lights and anti-lock brakes. The “Loaf” usually comes without ABS by default, but it is available as an additional option with some modifications. You can buy this car at a price from 1.31 to 1.625 million rubles, depending on the body configuration.

Technical specifications

The “heart” of the UAZ Buhanka 2024 model is a 2.7-liter naturally-aspirated engine, which underwent minor modifications by the engineers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant at the beginning of last year. While these changes did not significantly alter the engine’s structural integrity, they did result in important changes in environmental classification. The engine now complies with the Euro-0 environmental class, which indicates a significant increase in harmful emissions. However, it is important to note that the main characteristics of the engine remain unchanged: maximum net power is 112 “horses” and torque is 198 N*m. The internal combustion engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The drive is of course full. The machine consumes an average of 13.5 liters of fuel, striking a balance between performance and efficiency.

The basis is a reliable suspension system, which remains unchanged for all body types. Both front and rear leaf spring suspension provide stability, with the former complemented by an anti-roll bar. This combination provides a smooth and controlled ride even on challenging terrain. For those looking for additional off-road capabilities, all-wheel drive is complemented by a locking rear axle. Having a transfer case with downshift capability increases the vehicle’s versatility, allowing it to cope with a variety of driving conditions. Regardless of the chosen body type – flatbed truck, van or minivan, the standard dimensions are 4363x1940x2064 mm, wheelbase – 2300 mm.

Contents after purchase

UAZ Buhanka 2024 has long been famous for its economical maintenance due to its simplified design, which minimizes the risk of breakdowns. Despite its reliability and field serviceability, recent changes in component selection have increased operating costs. One of the outstanding features of the “Loaf” has always been its simple but reliable suspension. This not only enhances its off-road capabilities, but also makes it extremely easy and inexpensive to maintain. Although the Bukhanka boasts a simplified design, recent changes in its composition have led to the introduction of imported components, which has contributed to increased operating costs. Increasing dependence on foreign components, such as some transmission components, increases auto repair costs. The model has a significant drawback in the form of high fuel consumption. The car consumes a lot of gasoline in any use scenario. However, insurance and transport tax are inexpensive.


UAZ takes a minimalist approach to safety, omitting some of the safety features commonly found in modern cars. It is noteworthy that the standard equipment of the Loaf does not include airbags, which raises concerns about the protection of passengers in the event of a collision. The car features a relatively thin metal structure, a design choice that, while contributing to its classic appearance, raises concerns about crash safety. The lack of advanced impact-absorbing structures and enhanced safety zones leaves occupants more vulnerable to frontal and side impacts. A noticeable drawback is the lack of crash tests of the car, which makes it difficult to objectively assess its safety performance in accordance with modern standards. While the Loaf has its charm and purpose, it is important to recognize its limitations from a safety perspective. The minimalist features and design of the structure make the machine inferior in safety compared to most modern models. Prospective owners should carefully weigh their priorities.

Off-road performance

Navigating the city streets on the Bukhanka comes with its own difficulties. The model is not the most maneuverable car. However, the all-wheel drive system proves useful on slippery surfaces, increasing overall stability. However, comfort levels suffer due to the limitations of the leaf spring suspensions, which are unable to effectively absorb road imperfections. Driving in the “Loaf” is uncomfortable, and the steering requires noticeable effort. Where the car really shines is its off-road capabilities. Even when fully loaded and driving on the beaten path, the model exhibits amazing stability, rarely getting stuck. The all-wheel drive system is excellent off-road, providing commendable traction and stability. While the Loaf excels in off-road challenges, its 205mm ground clearance may limit its access to certain areas of terrain that more dedicated SUVs like the Patriot can easily navigate. The presence of narrow tires further narrows the possibilities of operation in specific off-road conditions. However, among minivans, this is the most “off-road” car.

Start of sales

The evolution of the iconic UAZ “Loaf” took a noticeable turn in the summer of the year before last, marked by the appearance of a modified version with a Euro-0 engine. As the road trip continued into the spring of 2023, a notable event occurred: the expedition version of the Loaf was withdrawn from sale. The expedition version, distinguished by its unique characteristics and off-road capabilities, is temporarily gone. It is not yet known whether the model will receive improvements in the future.


The UAZ Bukhanka stands out as a distinctive car in its category, occupying a niche that sets it apart from traditional competitors. The uniqueness of “Loaf” lies not only in its design and capabilities, but also in its positioning on the market. Unlike other models in its category, this machine is a one-of-a-kind offering that combines nostalgia, reliability and off-road capability. In addition, this is one of the most affordable SUVs on the Russian market.



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