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Over the past eight months of 2023, “Chinese” under the age of four began to be brought in 35 percent more often compared to the same period last year, Izvestia reports, citing the Fit Service company, which manages more than three hundred service stations throughout Russia. The most frequent visitors are owners of Chery, Lifan and Geely cars.

At the same time, the number of Haval car owners visiting service stations has increased sharply: their number has increased by 88 percent. Changan is brought in for repairs and maintenance 33 percent more often, JAC – 60 percent.

Experts point to possible problems in the assembly of Chinese cars, which could result in rapid wear and the need to go to service stations more often. Owners interviewed by Auto Discovery spoke about thin metal and parts that cannot withstand high loads. Many also complained about corrosion, the quality of electronics, suspension performance and poor-quality paint.

However, the increase in the number of visits to service stations is probably associated with an increase in sales of Chinese cars. Thus, in August, four out of five places in the top 5 most popular brands were taken by the “Chinese”: after Lada were Chery, Haval, Geely, Changan and Omoda. So far, Chery lags behind Lada, which sold 28,721 cars, by more than half.

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