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Already in the summer, Russian dealers will have the updated Bestune B70. In China, the model underwent a restyling last fall – the front part was redesigned, in particular, the liftback finally acquired two-level optics and a stylish radiator grille with horizontal slats. A new multimedia system, a different transmission joystick and a modernized central tunnel appeared in the cabin.

The Russian representative office of FAW calls the model “new” and clarifies that it is built on the updated FMA platform. Details are not provided, but it is claimed that the Bestune B70 has become even more comfortable, safer, and “the suspension characteristics have also been improved.” As for the power plant, there are no changes: the liftback will be offered with a base 1.5-liter turbo engine producing 160 horsepower or with a two-liter supercharged 2.0-liter engine producing 217 horsepower.

Today FAW sells four models in Russia. The most popular of them is the pre-restyling Bestune B70, which sold 2,732 units in 2023 (40 percent of the brand’s total sales). The second best-selling crossover is the Bestune T77 crossover; it finished the year with 2,139 units, which is 248 percent more than in 2022. In third place is the Bestune T55 (1085 units), and the full-size crossover Bestune T99 closes the ranking (943 units).

In total, last year the company sold 6.9 thousand new cars in the country, which is 339 percent more than in 2022. Plans for 2024 are even more ambitious: dealers must sell 20 thousand cars. In addition to the updated Bestune B70, two more new models will be on sale, at least one of them will be a crossover.

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